Trick Plant vs Zombie

And these are tips and tricks that I got from my experience playing this game for each phase. Starting from:
1. Planting "Sunflower" aka the Sunflower enough wrote two lines, namely two rows in the row at the far left we
2. Newest first sunflower plant until two full line (except in parts of the first and in some other parts where grown-tumbuhannya provided by the game itself)
3. Try to always use the 'Snow Pea "in the parts that feels quite heavy because of the" plant "that can slow motion zombie

4. To curb the movement of zombies, we could use the Wall-Nut or the Tall-Nut at the "front line" while building our plants for a zombie attack tool
5. If you've reached the stage behind the house (Which is the swimming pool) do not forget to buy a last refuge for the defense. The shape is like a mini toy car that has a trumpet
6. If you've reached the stage roof, also bought last perindungan for defense. The form is also like a toy car with smaller wheels
7. Preview zombie types who want to attack before choosing a weapon to be used. Use the almanac as a guide support and experience as the main guide
9. In the "battle" at night, use the Sun-Shroom to produce "sun-sun"
10. In the battle of the pool, there are zombies who can menelusup of water without being able to hit shots. Use the Wall, or the Tall Nut-Nut in the vanguard
11. Always "Include" the Lilypad and in the battle at the swimming pool either during the day or night
12. In the battle at night, use the Puff-Shroom at the forefront of our attack
I can not say much in this section. If we could've completed the Adventure, the first four games are also sure we can already solve. And the like who've told you in previous post, I can only finish the first four games only. In essence, I'm not adept in this section. Hehehe ...
The following are specific to that phase Endless Puzzle because the other phases is not so difficult to solve.
1. Think calm when breaking the jar. Break the two rows of jars of the most right. If that came out was a weapon, immediately use. Especially for the Repeater, put him in the back row is already empty. Do not be too long ignored because going to disappear
1. A quick way to kill the zombie giant is by 2 times using the "Squash"
2. Be careful because he often throws the giant zombie "zombie mini" far ahead of her arms which is the "savior wheel" when we use the one-time Squash
3. Try one of the Squash "finish off" a few zombies. The trick is to break the jars near the zombies when he runs and put the Squash in front of the jar at the front
4. To "finish off" the zombies who try to make cans on his head using the Squash. Combine with the third way
5. Wear the Snow Pea for the Zombie giant. Combine well with the third way and use two of the repeater for help from behind the zombies. In this way, one Squash've just conquered a giant zombie with "his followers"
6. To use the Plantern with maximum, break the jar in the middle of (relative), let the number of urns which diteranginya more. If that comes out of the jar had been a zombie, wait until the zombie walk a bit and then the Plantern planted because the zombies can take the Plantern
1. Similar kayaking adventure, but I suggest to use the Melon-Pult and the Snow Pea as a main weapon, but you should not use the Wall-Nut or the Tall-Nut in the early stages
2. Use one of the Snow Pea and three of the Melon-Pult every single point. It is up lies how
3. Wall-Nut or Tall-Nut do not need to be used if the zombies who want to attack it using the train cars as going crushed ice
4. The weakness of the zombies who make ice is the Spikeweed train (except when on the roof). Planted at the forefront of approximately two lines
By using the tips and tricks, I could've nyampe to Survival in 16 Endless Endless Flag and Puzzles (The mecahin jar) to the streak of 30.
Actually there are many tips and tricks. Still want to write but already tired. But, that's why so already enough "capital" to start this game. The rest sought their own ya ...
Hopefully useful ...


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